Jimmy Fallon Had A ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reunion And It’s Pretty Much An Instant Classic

’90s kids, eat your heart out. On Wednesday night during a special show from L.A., Jimmy Fallon reunited the cast of Saved By The Bell. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the show and *PRETTY MUCH* everyone was there, including Mr. Belding. Lark Voorhies a.k.a. Lisa Turtle was a no show and Screech, who is having some legal issues involving an alleged Christmas stabbing issue at a bar, probably has other things on his mind right now than living out his ’90s glory days. ZOINKS!

Kelly Kapowski revealed that Zach knocked her up (Tiffani Thiessen really is preggers) and Jesse had a momentary “I’m so excited” caffeine pills freak out. Also… PHONES. ALL OF THE PHONES:

The eight-minute segment is pretty much an instant classic. Pretty much every millennial and Gen Xer who grew up watching the show will treasure it dearly. WATCH IT: