A Sequel to ‘Spring Breakers’ Is Actually Happening

Irvine Welsh—the brilliant mind behind Trainspotting—is scripting a spiritual sequel to last year’s Spring Breakers called Spring Breakers: The Second Coming. It’s not yet known which of the first flick’s surviving characters will be returning, but director Harmony Korine definitely is not: Swedish director Jonus Akerlund is attached to man the camera.

The plot details are limited, but it seems to involve a new group of Spring Breakers, who battle an “extreme militant Christian sect” that attempts to convert them from their debaucherous ways. Okay!

From Screen Daily:

“It’s not a direct sequel although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original,” says Wild Bunch co-chief Vincent Maraval, adding there will be a mix of new and old cast in the production.

Spring Breakers was an undoubtedly weird film. If you went into it expecting two hours of boobs and no-holds-barred fun—a Girls Gone Wild with a plot—you were probably disappointed by its dark turns and its uncomfortable questions raised. Or, if you went into it expecting Harmony Korine to go even weirder than his previous arthouse stuff, you probably didn’t like its reach for the mainstream.

But if limited your preconceptions, you might have just thought it was brilliant—in how it toed the line between celebrating Spring Break and treating it like a horrific descent into madness, and in creating one of the most unique visual styles of any movie last year.

Plus: James fuckin’ Franco and his”Everytime” concerto. SO GOOD.