Share Your Most Awkward Moments on Twitter With the #ThatAwkwardBroment Hashtag, Win Prizes

In celebration of That Awkward Moment being released on DVD we’re doing a competition on Twitter of the best awkward stories from our readers. All you have to do is tweet your most awkward moment at the hashtag #ThatAwkwardBroment to enter. It’s tough to keep epic stories under 140 characters, so we’ve gone ahead and written an example.

“In 9th grade I got pants’d while wearing tighty whities. And thus concludes the story of how I got the nickname Skid Row #ThatAwkwardBroment

See, that wasn’t so hard. No go and do your best, or worst. The top awkward tweet will win a copy of the That Awkward Moment DVD signed by Zac Efron and rest of the top 10 entires will win copies of the DVD and some swag from the movie.

Contest ends at the end of today (5/6/2014) and remember to pick up That Awkward Moment when it is released on DVD on 5/13.