‘Sharknado 3’ Has Been Greenlit

I know what you are thinking. Did Sharknado 2 happen and I somehow missed it? No, not at all. There’s still time to live-tweet. Get them phones charged.

It’s just that producers have already decided to turn this fucker into a trilogy before the second one has even aired. Sort of, I guess, like The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Only with less Keanu Reeves and enslavement of all of humanity and more Ian Ziering and sharks.

Unless the sharks enslave humans after landing on land from the Sharknado.

Well… cool. Good for them. I hope it’s set in London. London would be a cool place for a Sharknado.

Sharknado 2, in case you are wondering, does not have a release date yet, but involves Sharnados barreling down on New York City.