Shia LaBeouf Finally Explained, In Great Detail, His Drunken Arrest At ‘Cabaret’

Shia LaBeouf appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about his new film Fury, but Jimmy couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room: LaBeouf’s drunken arrest at the Broadway play Cabaret.

“You seem to have gone crazy since the last time I saw you,” Jimmy Kimmel said to LaBeouf “Yeah, I guess I have,” replied LaBeouf.

“You were arrested at the musical Cabaret, which, first of all, seems like a weird place for you to be. In the first place, how does one get arrested at Cabaret?” asked Kimmel.

To which LaBeouf went into a hysterical, lengthy monologue not leaving out a single detail of what occurred on that fateful night. The highlight probably being the part where LaBeouf talked about his time in the police station.

“Anyway, they wind up taking me to the station. Oh, man! I get to the station and I quickly realize, ‘I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not made for this set-up.’ I get in there and this dude says, ‘Whitey’s here. Time for snitching.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, no.’ So my possum is like, ‘You gotta do something, man. You gotta do something or you’re gonna die in here.’ So, I turn into Tupac. Now I’m ripping my shirt off and I’m doing push-ups like, ‘Don’t mess with me, dawg. I’m crazy, you know what I’m saying?’ The guy’s like, ‘What are you in here for?’ I’m like, ‘Cabaret, homie. Cabaret.’ Anyway, so then they fingerprint me and do the whole business and I’m like, ‘I gotta get out of this little cell with these six dudes.’ I’m trippin’. So I figure, I’m gonna spit on this cop’s shoe. That’s my way out. So I spit on his shoe and I’m lookin’ at him, and it was [my way out]. He put a mask on me, a Hannibal mask, and a LED jacket, and ushered me into my private little dwelling, where I sat for 25 hours. Then they gave me a McDonald’s egg sandwich.”

Shia wasn’t done there though. He also explained why he had a perfectly healthy tooth removed from his mouth for his role in Fury.

And he also discussed having to fight every day on the set of Fury plus how he felt about having to fight his co-star Brad Pitt.