Shorter Xbox One Reveal: TV, TV, and More TV

Anyway, because I was furiously taking down notes (or, as others may call it, “eating a burrito and ocassionally writing a thought in Notepad”) while watching the event, I kind of missed some of the really weird things said by the presenters. Like, for instance, the word “TV,” which was mentioned approximately 1,400 times throughout the hour while describing the game console. Or the former president of CBS calling the said game console the “next watercooler,” and trumpeting the device's “channel guide,” which TV Guide has essentially offered for 65 years. I'm not cynical about the One, at all: I think it looks great and I'll probably buy it after the next Powerball comes through. But know your audience, you know?

One YouTuber, who probably was that Audience, sarcastically shortened the hour-long presentation into this two-minute chunk, perfect for anyone who missed yesterday's. Short version: TV, TV, TV, water cooler.

[H/T: Reddit]