Singapore’s Anti-Gambling PSA is Actually a Pro-Gambling Hype Video

At the start of the World Cup, Singapore produced an anti-gambling PSA. It was meant to get people to think about the dangers of risking it all on a sporting event.

There was just one problem, and it was quite easy to spot. Here, let John Oliver help you.

Whoa, cheer up, kid. Your old man’s life savings on Germany 8-1 means you can pay a plastic surgeon to permanently turn that frown upside-down.

Great job by Oliver here to unearth some old footage of children who are decidedly not Singaporean hanging out at a location which a less-trusting person could believe is Central Park. Who knew the country had such confusingly clairvoyant past?

I guess the real lessons here are that a savvy wager can change your life for the better and quitting while you’re ahead is for chumps.

[H/T: Last Night Tonight]