The Weirdest Video You’ll See Today Is This Girl Rubbing Cheez Whiz All Over Her Body While Listening To Hoobastank

Here’s a thing you need to know about me. When I get an email with the subject line “Snapchat Movie Where Tumblr Teen Girl Squeezes Detergent Pods On Her Tits/Rubs Cheese Whiz On Her Knees To Hoobastank,” I’m gonna click it.

Here’s the full text of it, sent to our Tips Line.

I made a real-time short film about what teenager girls are up too these days.. it was all done in real-time on Snapchat. I would love if you guys would check it out/consider writing about it… It explores a lot of themes like voyeurism/post modern nostalgia and what happens when your little girl is watching Marilyn Manson videos in the day and getting Dr.Seuss read to her at night.

Bella is 19 btw.

Thanks, Bro! Oddly, that “Bella is 19 btw” kicker made me feel even worse watching this. It’s … uhhh … as far a conceptual art goes, it’s definitely conceptual art.

Idk, though. I’m 31. Maybe you kids will be feeling this. It’s kinda cool that it’s done all through SnapChat, a sort of medium is the message conceit (glad you kids are still reading your McLuhan), and perhaps it loses its effectiveness as a YouTube video.

Here’s what the director, 21-year-old Alex Kazemi, told Oyster Mag.

It’s 2015 and it’s getting harder and harder figuring out who is not on a movie set in their life all the time. Everybody is always in character. Our realities/perceptions are manipulated. Anyone born in the 90s is constantly at war with who they are online, and who they are offline. We lose our minds in front of the cameras as much as celebrities do. There is no outsider culture, because we are all scribing from the same homogenised source. What was once scary is now normal. Nothing is scary.

That’s very true. Me and my sister were at the Whitney last week, looking at the progression of American Modern Art. All we could think was ‘Meh.’ When everything in 2015 is trying to offend your senses, anything intentionally trying to offend your senses inherently doesn’t.

Maybe that’s the point here. Although the Hoobstank is uniquely terrible. You can watch it on SnapChat for the next 24 hours by adding mudditchgirl91.