Snapping Selfies With 50 Cent In Court Gets Three Florida Cops Reprimanded

Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, is one of the world’s most successful rappers and therefore he draws a crowd anywhere he goes. This backfired on three Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies who stopped to take selfies and pose for pictures with 50 Cent after a recent court hearing.

WPBF has the story:

A recent court hearing for rapper 50 Cent has resulted in reprimands for three Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies who posed for pictures and hugged the celebrity while on duty.

According to a disciplinary review, on Aug. 28, two deputies and a sergeant were videotaped by a Palm Beach Post photographer as they smiled, posed and walked with the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson.

Jackson is seen posing for pictures with fans in the hallway of the courthouse and then posing with Sgt. Craig Laufer just outside the courtroom door.

According to the report, Deputy Pamela Gibbs and Deputy Yvane Moreland were seen holding onto Jackson’s waist, and for a period of time Jackson was holding Gibb’s waist while walking through the courthouse.

The report also noted that Laufer was the on-duty supervisor at the time, and gave the appearance of unprofessionalism while neglecting his duties as a supervisor.

For video on the incident you can check out WPBF HERE.

While I can 100% understand the want to take a picture with 50 Cent, for the life of me I cannot fathom who in the hell three cops thought it a good idea to take photos (for fun)with a man who was just in court!

At no point did they stop and think ‘this will come back to bite me in the ass’? Because that’s the ONLY thing that would have been crossing my mind.

FWIW, they were only issued verbal reprimands which is tantamount to a tongue lashing.

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