Saturday Night Live Lampoons Game Of Thrones For Making Us Wait That Long For That Big Jon Snow Reveal

*Spoilers ahead, but if you haven’t watched the all-important episode from last Sunday by now then you really aren’t a fan and you really won’t mind if you get hit with a huge and expected spoiler.

Remember last season in Game of Thrones Jon Snow died and we were all like.

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But then last Sunday after waiting for a year, Jon Snow was brought back to life by Melisandre and we were all like.

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Obviously Game of Thrones had to stretch it out a little bit to build suspense, but that did mean not burning the corpse, leaving a rotting dead dude on a slab for days with open wounds where people sleep and don’t have access to modern medical marvels such as antibiotics and who could be brought back to life as a killer ice zombie.

SNL ripped GoT for taking so long to do the inevitable.

“Because we only get 10 hours a year, people, and we spent two in this room,” SNL host Brie Larson quipped.

Eventually, Melisandre played by Kate McKinnon resurrects the lifeless Snow, played by Pete Davidson. However, as soon as Jon is brought back to life he says, “I miss my family. Take me to Bran. I want to see what Bran’s up to.”

Larson and SNL castmember Cecily Strong respond by screaming, “Aw, nooooo!”

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