This ’God Is A Boob Man’ Sketch Is Some Of SNL’s Finest Work In Years

I’m not willing to make the ‘Saturday Night Live is officially funny again‘ claim just yet, but if they keep pumping out quality sketches like this one it won’t be long before we’re all watching SNL again.

This sketch is quite divisive, with over 1.67 million views on YouTube it’s currently sitting at around 18,250 thumbs up and 5,680 thumbs down. So there are plenty of people who aren’t into this comical take on a world where ‘Christians are the most oppressed people in this country.’

SNL was bringing the heat this weekend with Julia Louis Dreyfus hosting, and ‘God is a Boob Man’ isn’t the only sketch that pissed people off. Apparently the entire world of drug addicts is up in arms over ‘Heroin AM‘ and how ‘insensitive’ it was towards people who are addicted to heroin.

My only qualm with this sketch is that everyone with a brain knows that God is a legs man. Lets (and to a certain degree ‘ass’) are the foundation with which all life is built and lived. God knows, this, you know this, God is a legs man, not a boobs man. Saturday Night Live got it wrong.

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