SNL Recap: Kevin Hart Hosts, Pete Davidson Talks To MLK, Gentrification Of Brooklyn & Will Wosby

Kevin Hart was the host for this week’s Saturday Night Live to promote his new movie with Josh Gadd, The Wedding Ringer.

The show opened with Pete Davidson getting a surprise visit from Martin Luther King Jr. to help him write a paper about the civil rights leader’s legacy. Davidson informs MLK about all of the advances that have been made since his premature passing, which doesn’t go so well.

Hart performed a hilarious monologue that made the extremely boring topic of driveway lights into a laugh riot. He also convinced me to knock a girl up and have a son just so I can have someone to take out the trash at night. He also made a strong point for not saving your wife or girlfriend from a mountain lion.

In this bit Hart is a host of a show called “Why’d You Post That?” where he analyzes people’s shitty Instagram photos. One awful amateur photographer posted a pic of a blurry Empire State Building which made Hart say, “My grandma has a better view of the Empire State Building and her house is underground because she’s dead.” Hart gives Instagram advice like not posting a sexy selfie with a baby in the background, which is a dickdowner for me.

Hart, Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah are not to be messed with, especially if you have a gluten allergy. The men are acting real hard on a corner in Bushwick, Brooklyn talking about gelato, brunch, artisan mayonnaise, ski trips and his bitches AKA his dog walking business where he got matching sweaters for all the precious pooches. Come for the comical Brooklyn gentrification jokes, stay for the acoustic version of O.T. Genasis’ banger “CoCo.”

Weekend Update featured stories about Charlie Hebdo, Duke, and some guy named “Will Wosby.”

Thompson, Taran Killam, Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata show off their singing voices in this strange Game Of Thrones-y musical called “The Journey.”

In the “Listening Party” skit Hart is a rapper who wants to show his appreciation for his crew so he puts them in the lyrics of his new jam, but he only drops rhymes about their most embarrassing secrets. BONUS: Weekend At Bernie’s reference.

Hart plays himself in this sketch called “Kevin’s Son.” Hart learns that a 20-year old man played by Jay Pharoah is his son. It’s pretty much an excuse to have Jay do Kevin Hart impressions and to have Leslie Jones pick up lil Kevin Hart like he was a feather.

Sia performed her pop hit “Chandelier.” With a mime.