Soulja Boy Gets Caught Lying About $6 Million Dollar Condo That Turned Out To Be An AirBnB Rental

Yesterday, rapper Soulja Boy jumped on the Instagram and showed off his new penthouse, which he claimed he paid $6 million for.

The Internet called bullshit on Soulja Boy after finding a listing of the condo on Airbnb for $895 a night.

TMZ took it one step further by proving evidence that SB didn’t own the condo.

Soulja Boy is lying through his grill about dropping millions on a Hollywood penthouse — we’ve learned it’s just a really sweet Airbnb rental.

The 3 bedroom pad has been on the market for several months, according to listing agents Shawn Kormondy and Katia Miramontes of Keller Williams Realty — but until it sells the owners have been renting it out.

Soulja’s bragged he “spent $6 million on the new penthouse,” but we’re told that price is grossly exaggerated — it’s listed for $3.2 million — plus, he simply doesn’t own it.

Soulja Boy has a history of lying about how much money he makes. Just a few months ago, he claimed he signed a $400 million deal with the World Poker Fund but the company later clarified that the deal is really worth a tiny fraction of that.

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