Steven Tyler Crashes Live CNN Broadcast, Imparts Some Snowstorm Advice

You never know who’s coming round the corner. Live TV’s as good as the collection of its moments of unanticipated, brilliant spontaneity. You know, like that moment today when Little Red Riding Hood (CNN’s Poppy Harlow) was working hard for the money out in an epic New York Style blizzard; and then Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and his daughter dropped by to say whatup.

Steven Tyler’s ready to hunker down and weather the storm, and hell if the king of hedonism’s going to have some fun while he’s at it.

At one point Harlow asked Steven Tyler if he might have any advice to pass along to folks currently entrenched in the snow-packed towns and cities of the east coast; and he said:

“Stay home,” he said. “Two words: hot chocolate.”

I don’t know Steven Tyler. Maybe some of us will put a little something extra in our hot chocolates, and brace for an evening of hiberboozing. The snow’s still falling heavy out there.