Will ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Be The Stoner Video Game Of The Year?

Not going to lie, there’s been a vapid hole in my life since beating Grand Theft Auto V early this year. I’ve enjoyed other games that have popped up this year like Titanfall and Destiny, but there’s just something endearing about the stoner kitsch of the GTA games. That’s why I’ve been geeking out about Sunset Overdrive since the ad spots started this college football season. Launching on Xbox One next week, the game from Insomniac looks like Tony Hawk meets Bioshock Infinite with a generous dash of Grand Theft Auto V Is it s a third-person shooter? Is it an action adventure alien game? I have no idea, but can’t wait to play it next week when it comes out.

Is it too soon to say this might be the stoner video game of the year?

Reminder: We’re giving away a special Sunset Overdrive Xbox One pack. Go sign-up, yo. 

Also, check out the character customizations. This is going to be ridiculous in all the right ways:

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