The 10 Most Hilarious Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Thanks goodness for Super Bowl commercials, relieving tension in between the big moments of the biggest game of the year. And some brands just get it absolutely right. For instance, we fully expect Lindsay Lohan’s Esurance Super Bowl commercial to be on this list come next year. Even if it isn’t supposed to be comedic, because, you know, LiLo.

And just to clarify, these aren’t the best Super Bowl commercials of all time – they’re the funniest. And we’re willing to bet there are a few picks here you’ve never seen. Prepare for highly concentrated doses of hilarity to be injected directly into your pleasure center.

Reebok (2003)

Tackling a full complement of office douchery is something we wish we could all do from time to time. Here, it gets done in style. Terry Tate, son!

Pepsi (1995)

This commercial is pretty damn old now, but it doesn’t mean its lack of quick cuts, goofiness or passable video quality lessens its impact. But the funniest thing? That someone would actually switch from Coke to Pepsi. Give us a fucking break.

E-Trade Monkey (2000)

The comic genius monkeys is one of the most key sources of hilarity in our culture. Or at least it should be. This E-Trade commercial (that pre-dates the creepy baby) showcases the unmistakably perfect combination of monkey and music.

Bud Light (2006)

Budweiser has come up with a ton of great commercials over the years. Some (We’re looking at you, Wazzap!) haven’t aged as well. But this one will be a classic for many years to come. Magic fridge!

FedEx (2006)

Cavemen are an untapped resource for comedy. Or at least they were until what is arguably not the first package delivery service most think of when they want to send anything remotely valuable used them in one of the most beautifully acted ancestor-worthy pieces of our time.

Bridgestone (2008)

Animals screaming like humans? Yes, that sounds lovely. Highlights here are ALL OF THEM, but especially the turtle and the praying mantis. Amazing job, Bridgestone. We commend you for injecting more laughs into 30 seconds than most NBC sitcoms achieve in 30 minutes.

Volkswagon (2011)

You really can’t go wrong with a tiny kid with a huge mask on. Darth Child puts on a stellar performance, culminating in one of the funniest moments in all of Super Bowl commercial history. Still didn’t make me want to buy a Volks, though.

Xerox (1976)

No, this isn’t funny in the same way that modern ads can be, but let’s just take a knee and appreciate the clever nature of this almost 40 year-old ad. (I mean, shit, when this was made your dad was probably just an aspiring pre-college bro.) And the best part of it? Listing all the hilariously outdated tech specs. Classic.

Pepsi (2008)

This was such a great showcase of what we all go through without caffeine – and what can happen if we forget our Diet Pepsi Max. Not sure why there were cameos from Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Macy Gray, Missy Elliott, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, but hey, we’ll roll with it.

Old Spice (2010)

This commercial doesn’t have nearly 50 million views on YouTube for no reason – it’s goddamn hilarious and perfectly executed. Former NFL practice squad wide receiver, Isaiah Mustafa has, criminally, not rocketed into stardom since then, but he does do some acting each year. He deserves more!