This Tampon Commercial Will Hit You Right In The Feels

They might not be the most “manly” thing out there, but these tampon commercials that’ve been flying around the Internet lately have been killin it. This one in particular features a group of actors auditioning for a commercial where they’re instructed to perform tasks such as running, but “like a girl”. The older actors all flop their arms around and make prissy whining sounds when asked to “hit like a girl” and “run like a girl,” but the point of the ad comes when the actors change from adults to children.

When the kids are asked to “run like a girl,” they simply run. When asked to “hit like a girl,” they throw punches like anyone else would. There wasn’t any sissy sounds or flailing arms and legs, just girls running and punching. And that’s the point, that the phrase “like a girl” puts a sort of label as to the ways that women and girls do activities in comparison to men. For a tampon commercial, it’s actually pretty insightful and makes you think.

Check it out below.

[H/T Guyism]