Taylor Swift’s New Song Involves Lena Dunham, So Screw It, Here Are Some Sean Taylor Highlights

Taylor Swift’s new song, ‘Out Of The Woods’ was released today, and it’s currently not available to embed on our site.

You can download it on iTunes, or if you want to visit a Taylor Swift Fan Tumblr, you can listen to it there.

Be forewarned, while it’s good, it was co-produced by Lena Dunham’s boyfriend, who is one of the dude’s from the Brooklyn-based indie pop band fun. Which is just like, ugh, the worst sentence ever written.

Look, here they are hanging on Lena’s Insta.


Took this the first time @taylorswift & @jackantonoff made music together in our living room. Now they are #1 on iTunes with #OutOfTheWoods. Kvelling.

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So instead of talking more about this, why not watch some highlight-reel hits from one of the greatest NFL safties ever, Sean Taylor?

Dude was a goddamn beast. Sean Taylor passed away in the prime of career, when he was shot during a robbery attempt at his house.

So sad.