The Rock No Longer Has a Neck: A Study in 5 Pictures

This is is the great irony of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: As the actor moved further from the Rock, he started to actually look like a rock. Or more specifically, a boulder. It's time we talk about that.

The dramatic increase in size became evident to most who caught Pain & Gain last year. But now, as Johnson trains for a leading role in Hercules: The Thracian Wars, it's just getting comical. He's WAY bigger than he was during his wrestling days. Look.

Here's The Rock in 2001, joining Team WWF alongside Vince McMahon. He's barely bigger than Vince, or McMahon's shitty kid. He's cut, obviously, but his character's gimmick was more “egotistical and funny guy,” not “guy with tremendous body mass,” which was relatively pedestrian for wrestling.

Here he is 2004, post-WWF, filming Walking Tall. He's smaller than he was at his wrestling peak, but still pretty big for an actor.

2011. Fast Five. This is when the Rock really begins his transformation. He bulked up 30 pounds and his right arm, as best I can tell, is larger than both of Paul Walker's legs.

In April of last year, while filming Pain and Gain, The Rock's trap muscle officially went “No Neck.” As best I can tell, this was first pointed out by a user. If you're not a weightlifter and confused by what “trap muscle” means, take a look at the picture below, where you'll see the Rock no longer possesses a human neck.

And now we're here. Thanks to a Hercules diet that features three pounds of meat and fish a day, as well as 14 egg whites, the Rock has morphed into a boulder. He is no longer made of human parts. He is the largest man in Hollywood history, and, as this meme points out, he's the only man that can make the Rock look like a 'lil bitch:

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