The Trailer For The ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops III’ Campaign Mode Is Absolutely Incredible

Look, I love Call of Duty. I know it’s mostly a multiplayer game and hardcore gamers probably have never touched the campaigns, but I’m a huge fan. Why? Entertainment. It’s a fun way to kill some time and amuse yourself. It’s like trying to navigate through in a goddamn futuristic Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie. I love it and refuse to apologize for what I enjoy in my free time.

Activision just dropped the story trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The major theme for the campaign is “human augmentation” a.k.a how advances in science and technology turn regular combat troops into The Ultimate Warrior. I actually got to play it at a media preview a few months ago and the gameplay truly blew my mind. And — hey wait is that Law & Order actor Christopher Meloni?

Also, here’s the head-scratching way C.o.D. launching the trailer. Might not want to put everyone in panic mode over there, guys? Probably not the *best* platform for this sort of fake-war strategy.