The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Behind Who Jon Snow’s REAL Parents Are Just Got Some Extra Support On Reddit

For the sake of covering all the bases and not going off on this with you not knowing about the theory of R + L = J, watch the video above so you know the basics. The theory makes sense and it’s probably true; it’s just a matter of whether or not Jon Snow lives long enough to find out. Knowing George R.R. Martin, he will probably die ~5 seconds before someone tells him because life isn’t fair and everyone on this goddamn show dies at the least opportune moment.

In any case, there’s a good chunk of evidence pointing to R + L = J being true, but since all the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists out there always need a little more proof, Reddit user Dirty_Nikhil went and broke down the reasons for why each of Ned Stark’s sons are named what they are.

I’ve searched for this theory over the boards and, while the connection has been made, I think a very key aspect of Jon’s naming has been overlooked.
So, all of Ned Stark’s sons are named after someone very important to him….

Robb Stark = Robert Baratheon (best friend)
Jon Snow = Jon Arryn
Bran Stark = Brandon Stark (brother)
Rickard Stark = Rickon Stark (father)

Why Jon Arryn? Ned’s relationship to Arryn parallels the relationship he feels with Snow. Jon Arryn raised Ned like a son even though he was not. Furthermore, when the king (Aerys) called for Ned’s head, Lord Arryn raised his banners in rebellion and defied the king to save him. No doubt Ned is defying Robert by hiding the Targaryen’s claim to the throne.

Makes sense, no? Unfortunately there’s no telling when Jon will find out, so until then all he gets is this:

Sucks to be Jon Snow.

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