Minute-By-Minute Timeline Of Chris Cornell’s Death – Photo Of Soundgarden Singer’s Hotel Door

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As the music world mourns the loss of legendary singer Chris Cornell, more details are coming out about the disturbing death.

Room #1136 of the MGM Grand hotel in Detroit is where Chris Cornell took his own life. In the Soundgarden singer’s $600-a-night hotel room is where Cornell used a red exercise band to commit suicide. The Daily Mail released photos of the hotel room where Cornell took his own life.

The room remains sealed off and the MGM Grand Detroit has listed the now infamous room as “unavailable” for booking.

The door looks like any other hotel door, but early Thursday the door was broken down as Cornell’s bodyguard. Martin Kirsten, who is the ex-boyfriend of Heidi Klum, got a call from Cornell’s wife Vicky. She told Kirsten “to see if he (Cornell) is all right because he did not sound like he is okay.” Vicky Cornell told Kirsten that Chris was slurring his words and said he may have taken “an extra Ativan or two.” He sounded “groggy and just kept saying, ‘I am just tired,’ and hung up the phone.”

Earlier, Kirsten gave Cornell two of Ativan anti-anxiety pills after the Soundgarden show. Cornell’s attorney said that the Audioslave singer had a prescription for the medication.

Kirsten, who was in a room two doors down, tried to open the door with a key but the security latch was on.

“Kirsten called security from hotel phone in hallway … stating he needs to get into the room to check on the victim,” the police report stated. “Security stated they can not let him into the room because he is not registered to that room.”

“At this time Kirsten kicked in the door with his feet and … went to the bedroom door and the latch had been engaged on this door also. Kirsten again called for security but could not gain access to the room.” “At this time Kirsten kicked in the bedroom door and found victim laying on the bathroom floor.” The report stated Kirsten found Cornell slumped on the floor “with blood running from his mouth and a red exercise band around his neck.”

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