Tucker Max’s Tucker Max-Like Blog Post Confirms ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ to be on Broadway

by 6 years ago

You may have heard something about a play based on my book thats coming out soon. This is not bullshit. It’s a real thing, its called “I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway,” and it begins June 5th. Here’s the Variety article about it, and here’s where you can get tickets.

There are quite a few funny things about this play:

First: The only thing I know about Broadway plays is that I’ve never been to one.

Second: Look at the name of the dude playing me: Abe Goldfarb. He’s pictured below. Yes, that is exactly what you think it is: A Ginger Jew. That dude is playing me, Tucker Max, in this play. Seriously.

Here’s what happened:

A few years ago Kit Sanderson met with me about doing a play based on my book. Since I know nothing about plays and have no real desire to learn, I cut a deal with him: He does all the work in adapting my book to the stage, he can have full creative freedom in every way in creating it, but I wanted the playwright credit (for legal/IP reasons I’ll explain later). He agreed. That’s why the official title is “I Hope They Serve Beer in Broadway by Tucker Max,” but I’m not creatively involved at all. This is Kit Sandersons baby, from start to finish.


Rundown- It's based enitrely on the book, a guy with multiple stereotypes is playing him, and he's not creatively involved. Should be exciting, or at the very least pretty interesting. Read the rest of the post here