Twitter Is Losing It Over Ryan Reynolds’ Face In This Pic Of Him Next To Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston’s PDA Storm

Public displays of affection: no one wants to see them, be near them or even do them unless they’ve got a naggy girlfriend who won’t shut the fuck up about how you never hold her hand anymore.

But with any rule there are exceptions, which in this case is Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s barftastic relationship and the photos they took at Swift’s 4th of July party:

…well, “photo.”

Technically only this photo is making people on Twitter lose their shit, and it’s not because Hiddleston and Swift are T-.005 seconds from making out. Take a closer look at Ryan Reynold’s face. “Why am I here?” he questions himself as Blake pervishly creeps on Swiddleston, “I would much rather be literally anywhere else right now. Literally. I would list Rwanda and Somalia as preferable locations over this chair, in the middle of two couples taking a photo just for the sake of pandering for Instagram likes. Kill me.”

It’s okay Ryan, Twitter understands your pain too:

Fortunately for humanity’s sake, Reynolds and Lively were able to escape the party with their sanity intact. As for Hiddleston and Swift…eh. I give it another two months, tops.