Vin Diesel Is Now King Of The Dad Bod, Might Be Pregnant According To This Pic

by 4 years ago

Gustavo Caballero/WireImage/Getty Image

Vin Diesel, real name Mark Sinclair, has built an entire acting career around being jacked as hell and maintaining the persona of a muscle head. Since Vin Diesel first popped up on our radar in 1998’s Saving Private Ryan I cannot recall a single instance in which he was caught looking anything less than what would be considered ‘in shape’…until now. A recent photo was taken of Vin Diesel standing shirtless on a balcony and we here at BroBible can’t decide if Vin’s trying to be crowned ‘King of the Dad Bod’ or if he’s pregnant (or both).

After a lot of internal debate on whether or not Vin Diesel’s pregnant or now the supreme overlord of Dad Bod I decided to just post the pics and toss it to you, the readers, and let you decide whether he’s preggers or going for ‘Dad Bad of the Year, 2015’ honors. Hit me with your feedback down below in the comments:




So which is it? Is Vin Diesel carrying a baby for an ectopic pregnancy in order to become Hollywood’s most prominent Mr. Mom? Or has he finally let his body go and has slipped into the peaceful abyss otherwise known as ‘Dad Bod’? Answers down below in the comments!


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