Drunk Man Binge-Watching ‘Walking Dead’ Murders Friend Believing He Was A Zombie

Last Thursday, it sounds as if 23-year-old New Mexico resident, Damon Perry, had waaaayyyyy too much to drink in conjunction with binge-watching AMC’s acclaimed TV series, The Walking Dead. So much so, that he allegedly believed his friend was turning into a zombie, and from there, if you’re familiar with the show, you know it turned pretty grisly.

Now whether Perry’s story is true, or if it will even hold up in court, who knows? Probably doesn’t matter because he just killed his friend using an electric guitar and a microwave. I get that alcohol makes people do some pretty wild stuff, but let’s be honest, if it’s driving you to think your friend and other apartment residents are turning into zombies, then you’ve probably got something going on in your head already that needs a little bit of attention.

Not sure if this guy is so stupid he murdered his friend and actually thought The Walking Dead defense was a good play, or if he’s just flat-out insane from the jump and something set him off. It’s tragic either way, though.

[via KOB4 News]