Want To Know What Michael Jackson’s Face Would Have Looked Like Without Surgery? Feast Your Eyes On This

michel jackson penis


We all know what Michael Jackson did to his face. If you don’t, see the gaunt, Skeletor-looking man pictured above. But what if the King of Pop didn’t have all those surgeries and all that alleged skin-bleaching? What then? What could he have possibly looked like if he just left well enough alone?

You ready for this shit? Are you ready to see what Jacko could have been if he didn’t go all wacko for plastic surgery? If so, take a page out of a young, but already surgically-altered, Michael Jackson’s playbook and grab some popcorn.







Admittedly, the freak version of Jackson we actually got seems more appropriate. Could you imagine this well-adjusted guy wearing a sequence jacket, one glove dipped in diamonds and trousers hemmed up to his taint? I honestly couldn’t. I see this guy doing his best to make ends meet as the self-appointed sommelier at an Outback steakhouse. He’s not KING OF FUCKING POP material.


That’s more like it.

[H/T Daily Mail]