‘When the Zombies Come’ Short Hilariously Explains How to Best Prep for the Inevitable Apocalypse

Capitalizing on all things zombie–specifically the hysteria stemming from major zombie-related media like “The Walking Dead”–this short documentary (and Sundance selection) follows an Ace Hardware employee who, as you will see, has thought of EVERYTHING you could possibly think of if in fact zombies come to try and kill us all. Hilarious yes, but it also does a great job in really honing in on the strange quirks we all have–the one's that sorta deserve to be made fun of because holy shit, but also the stuff that keep us sane. Or keep us insane, depending on how you think about it. 

Related–Ace Hardware is not exactly thrilled with this whole thing, thinking that everyone's gonna associate their sacred tool brand with this guy. Makes sense considering the world we live in today, but somewhat unfortunate.  

[H/T: BuzzFeed]