Who Is The Girl In The Geico ‘Horror Movie’ Commercial?

Who’s the hot girl in the Geico commercial parodying the ridiculousness of horror movies? Well, you’ve got to be more specific — are you referring to the blonde or the brunette?

Are you referring to the hot brunette girl in the Geico horror movie commercial who thinks hiding in a basement is a smart idea or the smart blonde who just wants everyone to get in the running car and drive to safety.

The hot, but probably dead soon, girl who wants to hid in the basement in the Geico horror movie commercial is Cali Fredrichs. She’s appeared on Glee, in The Social Network and House M.D. The intelligent (in this instance) blonde in the Geico horror movie commercial is Carrie Wiita. She’s best known for That’s My Boy, Detention and Holiday Engagement.

Maybe the better question is “who is the dead girl in Geico horror movie commercial? Probably both.

“Why don’t we just hide behind that wall of chainsaws?!?”

Is a wall of chainsaws ever safe? Even in a chainsaw store it’s dangerous!

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