Will Ferrell Back Hosting ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ With Bieber, McConaughey, Connery And Turd Ferguson For SNL 40

The SNL 40th Anniversary brought back Celebrity Jeopardy!, one of the signature Saturday Night Live. From 1996 and 2002, Will Ferrell portrayed Alex Trebek and hosted Celebrity Jeopardy! The usual contestants were in attendance including Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds, sorry I mean Turd Ferguson, were there.

However some newcomers got the chance to shine on the game show. Justin Bieber played by Kate McKinnon was there, but did not last very long unfortunately. Matthew McConaughey and all his existentialism and love for Lincoln automobiles was played by Jim Carrey. Christoph Waltz and Tony Bennett also joined the hilarious game show.

There were the easy categories such as “State Your Name,” “Famous Oprahs” and Letters That Begin With ‘G.'”

Connery did his best to sexualize the categories by making “Who Reads” into “Whore Ads.” Then “Let It Snow” quickly became “Le Tits Now,” to which Connery justified it by saying, “Bon jour mademoiselle, I’d like to see le tits now!”

They even had a special “Daily Double” about cocktails presented by Bill Cosby.