Watch Will Ferrell Swap Iconic Roles With Kevin Hart In Hilarious Lost Audition Tapes

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart took the overused, unoriginal concept of two people swapping places usually through some magical mirror that has been done in movies too many times and squeezed absolute comedy gold out of it.

To promote their upcoming film Get Hard, the dynamic comedy duo switched their iconic roles that have made them so endeared. They took turns sharing their hilarious “failed audition tapes,” which oddly turns out the two stars went for the same roles despite having completely different comedic styles.

Hart revealed that he tried out for the part of Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights and Buddy in the movie Elf. Meanwhile Ferrell showed his unsuccessful tryout for the part of Kevin Hart in the Real Husbands of Hollywood reality show and for the movie Ride Along as Ben Barber.

Will also unearthed lost footage from his little-known standup comedy special “Laugh at My Pain,” which sounds really, really familiar.

There’s even a special appearance by T.I. who unveiled his failed attempt to play Ferrell’s character, Brennan Huff, in Step Brothers. That “Boats “N Hoes” song could have been a real banger with T.I. instead of Ferrell.

I so want them to make Elf 2 and cast Kevin Hart as the star, he would bring a totally new dimension to the film and save millions in special effects because they wouldn’t have to shrink him with CGI.