Will.i.am Drops A Total Bro Line Wanting Communities To ‘Power Up’ And Stop Destroying Themselves

At this point in time, communities around the nation are feeling the severe pain of people dying almost weekly, on both sides of the law. And celebrities of all kinds are speaking out (some better than others) with what they think could be potential starting points of how to fix the problem. Recently, Lil’ Boosie gave his thoughts on what the problem is and that more cops will continue to die if more of them are not convicted. On the contrary, Will.i.am has come out and said that’s not the answer. And that the answer lies within a laser-focused vision on ‘powering up’ our communities.

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Will.i.am answers the question posed to him with complete calmness and gives some actual takeaways and actionable steps on what to do moving forward. Will.i.am has been known for his community focus and this is further proof he’s a real bro and is definitely part of the solution vs. being part of the problem.