Lana From ‘Archer’ Posed In A Bikini For ‘Sports Illustrated’ And Now We Can All Die Happily

As if the whole pile of promo videos Archer dropped on us a couple of weeks ago weren’t enough to get us fired up for season 7 (coming March 31st on FX).

Now they went ahead and had some of the women from the show like Cheryl Tunt, Lana Kane and Pam Poovey (but no Carol or Malory) pose in bathing suits for the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Of course, as you can see, the photos were taken by none other than Sterling Archer hisdamnself. And while Pam did get to appear inside the actual issue, Cheryl and Lana make their appearances online-only.

As AdWeek points out, these photos aren’t just any old cheesecake photos either, they actually serve as a little tease for season 7…

The swimsuit images also serve to tee up the new location for Archer’s seventh season: Los Angeles, where the former New York-based international spies are now working as private investigators. “There are some hints there that the show is moving to L.A.,” said [Lance Reiss, svp of marketing for FX].

Wanna see Cheryl rocking a sweet armbra? You know that you do. Head on over to SI Swimsuit and you won’t be disappointed.

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