Badass new photo of Ben Affleck as Batman appears at Comic-Con

batman comic-con

DC Entertainment released a new image of Ben Affleck as Batman at Comic-Con yesterday and I gotta say, it looks pretty sweet.

I still have my reservations about Batffleck, but every time I see one of the photos I get excited. Is that wrong?

Wrote DC on their Web site

This year, Batman’s stepping out of the shadows…and into the Comic-Con spotlight. With his 75th Anniversary going strong, Batman is a major presence at San Diego Comic-Con. He’s been seen in comics, film, TV, games, toys and clothing, and it’s all represented within the DC Entertainment booth, particularly in the Batman 75th Anniversary montage wall created for the show. Within this wall, you can spot many images of the Dark Knight, both old and in some cases very new.

As in never before seen.

Yes, as fans have started pointing out, within the dozens of photos and illustrations on the wall is a brand new image of Batman from the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The filmmakers wanted to include this new cinematic version of the Dark Knight in the anniversary mosaic so it could be discovered by fans! The cast and crew behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are excited to be a part of the 75th celebration!

Affleck has definitely got the chin for the cowl, but still, why so sad, Batman?

Dan Didio, co-publisher at DC Comics, also tweeted a pic of part of the Batsuit from Comic-Con…


Not as good as this look, but again, still kind of cool.

Damn them for getting me excited again.

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Photo: DC Comics

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