10 Acts You Absolutely CANNOT Miss At This Year’s TomorrowWorld

TomorrowWorld is one of, if not THE premiere EDM music festivals in the United States, and for good reason too – have you seen the lineup? You haven’t? Well then turn the lights down low and make sure you’re in a quiet space, because your brain is about to go into overload:

I’m not kidding when I say that this lineup covers everything: from trap to tropical house to future house somewhere in the middle, TomorrowWorld has anything and everything you could ever want in a festival.

But how exactly do you narrow down the artists you want to see? We’ve all been there – you love Adventure Club but they’re playing at the same time as Excision (who you haven’t seen yet) on a separate stage – which do you pick? There’s nothing wrong with sticking with what you already know…but at the same time this is TOMORROWWORLD! If there was ever a time and a place to get out of your comfort zone, this is it.

If you’re lucky, none of your favorite artists will overlap. That probably won’t happen. So if and probably when it does, here’s 10 artists that you absolutely cannot miss, regardless of who else is playing at the same time:

1. Bassnectar

This guy has a cult-like following, and for good reason too – with songs ranging in style from hard and heavy like “Speakerbox” up top to the sensually melodic “You & Me,” Bassnectar’s sets run the gamut in terms of bringing out a variety of emotions in the crowd. You’ll cry, you’ll rage, and you’ll probably meet a few bassheads along the way who are literally some of the nicest people in the world.


2. Porter Robinson, Live

The keyword here is “live.” As opposed to a typical DJ set, a live set means that the DJ creates his own music using instruments such as drum pads in addition to computer software. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be hearing your favorite tracks played in Porter’s set, it does mean that what’s coming out will be both original and something completely unique from every other set you’ll hear at TomorrowWorld. We’re fully expecting people to be talking about Porter’s live set for a full week, if not MONTHS after he performs – don’t miss it for the world.


3. Ookay

Whenever we see Ookay is lined up to perform at a festival we can’t help but throw him in here – while he’s not as big as some of the other DJ’s at TomorrowWorld, his set at EDC Las Vegas shows that he can hang with the best of them in his own right. An eclectic mixture of throwbacks, trap with a touch of dubstep and mainstream house makes every set that Ookay throws down a total rager that’s got a little something for everyone to enjoy.


4. Ummet Ozcan

Ummet Ozcan is one of those artists where you can’t necessarily identify him by name, but you recognize a bunch of his tracks because they’re always threaded in and out of the sets that DJ’s throw down – “Raise Your Hands” being no exception. The guy is highly underrated, and we’re excited to see what more he’s got hiding up his sleeve come the end of September.



Completely ignorant as to who ETC!ETC! was or the type of music he played, we wandered into his set during last year’s TomorrowWorld…and fell head over heels in love. It’s trap done right – meaning every drop makes you want to explode and get down on the ground twerking even if you can’t twerk.


6. Flux Pavilion

In the same boat as Ummet Ozcan albeit more recognizable (everyone knows “I Can’t Stop”), Flux Pavilion brings an insurmountable amount of energy to every single one of his sets, dropping straight from electro house into rapid-fire dubstep in the blink of an eye. Considering that this is his first year performing at TomorrowWorld we’re expecting him to make a big splash – correction: we KNOW he’ll make a big splash.


7. Hardwell

It’s Hardwell. There’s no way you’re NOT going to go see him live when he’s being hooked up with the world’s most incredible display of fireworks, lights, lasers, sound systems as well as pretty much anything you can think of. The guy’s known as #1 for a reason.


8. Kayliox

Kayliox is a bit of a newcomer in the DJ world and that’s exactly why he’s on this list – if you haven’t heard of him, that’s great. If you have, that’s still great. One of the best parts of TomorrowWorld is discovering a love for music from people you haven’t necessarily been exposed to yet, and considering how this is Kayliox’s first year touring, we’re pretty sure they fall into that category.


9. Thomas Jack

A true up-and-comer in the tropical house genre, Thomas Jack has been making waves with his new single “Rivers” and while he frequently gets lumped together with Kygo (the two even have the same manager), don’t let that fool you. Jack has his own style within the trop house genre that has people traveling from all parts of the country to see him perform at his very own curated TomorrowWorld stage this year. Get ready for a chilled-out set where the crowd is either swaying to his beat or lounging out on the hillside — either way it’ll be one to remember.

10. Armin Van Buuren

You thought we were going to make it through this list without a single trance artist, didn’t you? Considering that any given Armin show sells out within .0002 seconds of tickets going on sale, it’s safe to say that seeing Armin at TomorrowWorld will be a bragging point in conversation for at least a year, if not more.


Tickets for TomorrowWorld are still available for purchase HERE, and if you’re looking to discover even more artists who are set to perform this year make sure to check out the TomorrowWorld SoundCloud account by clicking HERE!