Meet the 12-Year-Old Who’s Buddies with Almost Every Rapper in the Game

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Nathan Schwartz is a very big 12-year-old who pairs his middle school studies with a side career as a professional rap entourage member. He's gone to hundreds of concerts since his first at the age of 6, and along the way, he's ingratiated himself with nearly every notable rapper still on this earth. And he has the Instagram pics to prove it. It's a digital monument to his dad's connections how popular he is in the hip-hop world. 

Noisey interviewed Schwartz, and in the introduction they correctly pinpointed what's so fucking funny about these photographs: Schwartz isn't visibly star-struck at all, unlike nearly every other celebrity encounter photo you've seen. He also never changes the strange and goofy grin. And the rappers? They're totally comfortable with him. Look at Rick Ross!


Kanye West:



Rick Ross:

Waka Flocka Flame (easily a favorite):

Nicki Minaj:

Lil Wayne:

T Pain:

Uh, Bill Clinton:

Also, Schwartz says he has a bodyguard because of this hobby? And Drake once took him to Six Flags over Atlanta? None of this makes sense. (But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to roll up to a concert with him. In a non-Sandusky kind of way.)

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