2 Chainz’ Next Album Will Include a Cookbook

From Hot New Hip-Hop:

2 Chainz recently stopped by Power 105.1 for a lengthy interview on DJ Self's Midnite Mixx show, during which he discussed both his healthy eating habits and plans for a cookbook that will accompany his upcoming sophomore album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time.

“When I see my Instagram people say 'you eat like a white person' … people don't know that I have huge stomach issues – I have ulcers, I have acid reflux… so, certain supplements or certain prescriptions that I take is not something that people may think I'm abusing – I really have prescriptions for certain things… so of course I've got a chef, and I have to eat a certain way. By me eating a certain way, it has changed my life… I've got a glow… it's about what I'm putting inside my body.”


He added that he's thinking of expanding his brand to a line of aprons.

“I'm tryna incorporate something new, that hasn't been done… probably with my own little array of swag, aprons with the cookbook… that'll probably get me on The View or something like that. Just another angle, another outlet for me to express myself. It still basically ties back down to the music. Music is a sport, I eat this just so I can be alive and running well and out of the hospital – and so far so good.”


…. I'd buy.

[H/T: Hot New Hip-Hop]