The 5 Things That Make Baltimore’s Moonrise Festival The Best Festival Of The Summer

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Baltimore’s Moonrise Festival is quickly approaching in only…17 days. 17 days?!! Hot damn is it time to get PUMPED! With a lineup including heavy hitters like Knife Party, Porter Robinson, Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead it’s no wonder that the DMV’s premiere electronic music festival is projected to be one of, if not THE most bumpin’ festival of the summer. Don’t believe us? Here’s 5 more reasons to change your mind.


1. Tickets Are Only $149.50
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If you managed to have your life together months ago you could’ve gotten a pair of General Admission tickets for only $100, but with Moonrise quickly approaching the prices have increased to $149.50 for the weekend (which you can purchase by clicking here)…AND THAT’S NOTHING. Look at any other weekend festival and you’re going to pay at least $100 more, if not double that price with half as good of a lineup. We can’t name names, but look around. Moonrise is the ONLY festival on the east coast that’ll give you the best bang for your buck.


2. For An Extra $100 You Get A RIDICULOUS Amount Of VIP Perks
Do you love festivals but can’t handle getting crushed in the crowd during every set? Hate waiting in line? Too fancy to subject yourself to using a port-o-potty? Well you’re in luck, since for just $100 extra you get to avoid all the cruddy parts of a festival by upgrading to a VIP ticket. Yeah yeah, $250 seems like a lot more than $150 – but look at what you get with it:


Moonrise Festival

Like come on. Most festival VIP tickets will give you one, maybe TWO of the things on that list, but Moonrise? You get a friggin’ GOODY BAG of gifts.


3. It’s Located Right In Good Ol’ Charm City
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When the festival is over you’re free to take a cab into Baltimore’s Fed Hill and hit up the nightlife, or you can go explore what the inner harbor has to offer at night. Or you can just crash at a hotel, it’s up to you! The point is that instead of being out in the middle of nowhere like many festivals, Moonrise has after party options that don’t include wandering around in a field trying to figure out where your friends went. You know where they went, because you actually have cell phone reception at a festival for once and can get a text through without having to wait 30 minutes. It’s like we live in the 21st century or something?


4. The Washington DC EDM Scene Is Like No Other On The East Coast
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We’re located in New York City, and let us tell you – the Washington DC EDM scene is 100x better than the scene we’ve got up here. Sure we’ve got our own festivals, but the people down in Charm City are more welcoming than anyplace we’ve visited on the east coast. Be it getting your face randomly painted by a happy hippie who decided he just really wants to paint all day, or people offering up bottles of water to share with complete strangers (you KNOW how clutch that is), the DC area has a scene that welcomes strangers like no other.


5. The People Go All Out…And Then Some

Just take even the smallest of peeks at Moonrise’s Instagram account and you’ll see what we mean:

Tickets are still available for purchase HERE, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go watch the moon rise.

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