5 Things You Will Experience At TomorrowWorld This Year That You’ll Never Find Anywhere Else


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By now you’ve probably realized that there’s nothing quite out there festival-wise like TomorrowWorld – but there’s a chance, albeit a slight one, that you don’t quite realize how unique of an experience TomorrowWorld is. And that’s fine! Totally okay — we can’t ask the world of you considering you haven’t even been yet. But from the most earnest place in our hearts, we need to tell you:

There is nothing, and will be nothing, quite like TomorrowWorld.

Here’s why.


1. You’ll Have An Almost Instantaneous Bond With Everyone Around You

Back in college did you ever take a semester off to join a study abroad program? If not, we’re sure you know people who did, and we’re sure that you heard those people ranting and raving about what an incredible experience it was and how they’d never exchange their time abroad for anything in the world. But that bond your friend made with the other people on the trip? That’s because he went through the same things they did – they all went the same places, slept in the same rooms and ate the same food. They spent day in and day out with each other and had each other’s backs the entire time because, well, let’s face it: travelling abroad can be scary. You gotta stick together.

TomorrowWorld is the exact same thing.

Walk on through those festival gates and it’s like you’ve travelled to another nation: name a country and someone from there will probably standing next to you in line for chicken fingers at some point. For a lot of people it’s their first time in the United States, and for even more of them it’s their first time at TomorrowWorld. Doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from or whether you consider yourself more of a “Trap Queen” as opposed to a “Bass Head;” everyone’s in the same boat as you and are just trying to figure out how to have the best weekend of their lives. That’s how everyone bonds at first meet: because you’re at the best place in the world and there’s not a single thing that can bring you down.


2. You Can Wear Whatever You Want, This Is A Judgment-Free Zone

We all have those days where we wake up at 2:00 in the afternoon with a pounding hangover that just won’t quit. You roll out of bed, grab keys and lurch your way to your car because the only thing that can save you right now is nasty, greasy fast food.

…but wait. You’re still wearing your boxers anddd…yeah that’s about it. Shirts and pants aren’t exactly a priority when you woke up. “UGH” you say as you crawl back into your house, the sudden light of the outside world having crippled your legs. “If only I could go out in public wearing whatever I want and no one would care. THAT would be paradise!”

Psst – you probably know where this is going by now, but if you were at TomorrowWorld you could wear WHATEVER you wanted. You see the girls up there? They’re wearing neon feather boas and no one’s even looking twice at them. I mean look at this guy:


See him out in the real world and you’re like “Uh…maybe I should leave.” See him at TomorrowWorld? You gladly take a swig from the handle of Southern Comfort he’s waving around in your face and then start up a conversation about what your favorite performances have been so far. The only rule is that there are no rules, not including the rule that you can’t be completely naked. Other than that it’s a judgment free zone and you can go as wild as your imagination lets you.


3. Confetti And Streamers. Don’t Judge, Just Listen

Confetti and streamers probably don’t sound that impressive when you’re picturing the craft store Ke$ha stuff that somehow permanently adheres itself onto your body upon contact, but at TomorrowWorld it’s a completely different experience: seeing an explosion of streamers burst across the sky coming from a mile-high stage that almost looks like it’s touching the clouds isn’t just impressive, it’s awe-inspiring. Sure at some EDM-specific concert venues they shoot confetti through the air, and yeah that’s cool too – but it’s not the same. Not by a long shot. You won’t be able to go 45 minutes without being doused in confetti, streamers or both, and so help me god if it’s not one of the most magical experiences of your life I’ll eat my laptop; hard drive and all.


4. The Performances

We’re not just talking about the DJ’s, but the smaller, more niche things that you don’t notice unless they’re gone. If you turned around during the intro to almost any DJ’s set last year and you would’ve seen this guy on a platform, pantomiming away his heart and soul alongside what Mother Nature (you’ll know what we’re talking about when you get there) had to say. The same applies for the main stage: performers draped in cloth carried flags up and down the stages to make the interlude seem like this wasn’t just a “show,” it was a ceremony. And while that ceremony always wound up consisting of everyone getting down and raging their faces off, you couldn’t help but feel that you were part of something bigger than yourself. The effect is so spell-bindingly immersive that you completely forget you’re even in Georgia.


5. Of Course, Finally, The DJ’s

This of course goes without saying, but sometimes we find that people can get too swept up in the enormity of what TomorrowWorld is and forget who they’re actually there for: music. Name me one other place where you can see Afrojack, Armin Van Buren, Hardwell, Gramatik, Tiesto and literally everyone else in between all in the same weekend. You can’t. Sure some festivals also have giant lineups, but not to this extent: Porter Robinson is doing a live set. Let me repeat, a LIVE SET. I can’t even count the number of times Porter’s done a live set at such an enormous festival, and it’s not because he’s done them a million times; it’s because he’s done it so few that I’d be afraid to even venture a guess. 5 times? 6? 4? It doesn’t matter, because at TomorrowWorld you’re getting everything that other festivals offer and more.