5 Spectacularly Awesome Things You Missed At TomorrowWorld This Year

TomorrowWorld was the event of the fall that we here at BroBible had been looking forward to for months – and we weren’t disappointed. From top-tier DJ’s bringing down the house with pyrotechnics and booming bass to the smaller things, like finding out that the Chinese food they served in the food court is literally better than P.F. Chang’s, TomorrowWorld was an experience like no other. Here’s 5 things that you missed:


1. Everyone Went All-Out

We don’t know about you Bros, but when we go to a festival and see ladies like these walking around…




…we know it’s going to be a good weekend. But that applied to everyone – men were walking around in their sickest rave gear, girls were frolicking in the rain and going all-out – everyone was there to kick ass and take names, clothing optional.    


2. The Main Stage Was INSANE This Year

Were you at TomorrowWorld last year? Great, because that means there’s just one more person who agrees with us about how sick this year’s main stage was:  


And we’re not even just talking about the lights – look at the steam punk style they’ve got going on, including BUT NOT LIMITED TO a fully functioning waterfall, giant moving gears all over the place and literal steam exploding out during sets:


Last year was more of a volcano feel. Just as cool, but nowhere near this level of detail. TomorrowWorld truly stepped it up for 2015.


3. DJ Snake’s Set On Friday

We don’t normally plug individual artists in our festival recaps, but HOLY MOLY did DJ Snake blow us all out of the water. The majority of us stumbled into the beginning of his set just exploring the venue, but within 30 seconds we decided that THIS was the set we were going to stick to for the rest of the night.

If the video below isn’t a good enough indicator of exactly how wild it got, let’s just say that we spent the rest of the weekend talking about DJ Snake…as well as the rest of the week, and even going into today. RIP to us, because Snake fried our brains and sent us to heaven. It was that good.


4. The Food

We weren’t kidding about the Chinese food earlier! Come Sunday we were all sick of eating Cheez-Its and potato chips at our campsite so we decided to ball out at the TomorrowWorld food court. This is what we collectively got:

-Orange chicken with rice
-Buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese
-Cheese pizza
-Turkey bacon chipotle Panini
-French fries
-Teriyaki chicken
-Chicken tenders
-3 cheeseburgers

And you know what? Even though we clogged every single artery in our bodies it was amazing. No joke I ordered Chinese food the minute I got back to my apartment on Monday and it paled in comparison. Yep, the Chinese food at TomorrowWorld was 500x better than Chinese food from New York City. Now THAT’S a bragging point not every festival can boast!


5. The Mud

Okay, so we KNOW people were freaking out about the mud and rain this year – but so what? It’s rain. It’s mud. Unless you live in a city with exactly 0 square feet of actual dirt and a yearly precipitation of 0 inches, you’ve probably experienced both in some capacity. You’re at TOMORROWWORLD people! You’ve spent the entire year looking forward to this festival and you’re going to let a little mud dampen your spirits? I don’t think so. Maybe your campsite flooded and maybe you were a little more wet than you anticipated over the weekend, but none of the people we camped with really cared. In all honesty it was really more of an excuse to get #rekt at night running around partying your face off since in the morning you knew everyone would look like crap, which means YOU can look like crap, which means who cares if you’re rolling in dirt – so is everyone else.


Wanna see more of what you missed? Check out the official TomorrowWorld SoundCloud and their YouTube page for when the full sets from your favorite artists at the festival are released!