HIP-HOP BEEF ALERT: 50 Cent Hilariously Mocks Diddy’s Arrest, Says Bail $$$ Is En Route


For some reason beyond me (because it was hilarious) 50 Cent has taken down the original video where he ripped on Diddy from his Instagram.

But then he made up for it, posing with these kettlebells as he was getting ready for his morning workout.

Meanwhile, Diddy is somewhere trying to figure out how to combat 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, 1 count of making terrorist threats, AND 1 count of battery.



No doubt Diddy goes in on 50 Cent the next time he sees a mic in a studio.

Granted, that might be a little time, seeing as Sean formerly “Puffy” Combs was arrested on Monday following an altercation with an assistant football coach at UCLA where his son plays football.

50 wasted no time here firing up the laugh factory, and despite the severity of Diddy’s assault with a deadly weapon charge, his antics are funny as hell.

Plus, the B&W portrait of himself that 50 Cent has hanging next to his desk in his money counting office is just too – as 50’s hat reads – “Fly” for me to even comprehend right now.

Round 1 goes to 50 Cent. You’re on the clock, Diddy.

h/t FoxSports