6 Chill Piano Covers to Popular EDM Songs


Original Artist: Skrillex ft. Sirah

Cover Artist: TheUnsungHeroine

Unsung Heroine Indeed. Unfairly talented.



Original Artist: Porter Robinson

Cover Artist: Evan Duffy

There could really be a whole post on the work of Evan Duffy, who has made a name for himself with the exact sort of material highlighted here see his takes on Madeon  and Swedish House Mafia But Porter Robinson’s hit gets the nod here


Barbra Streisand

Original Artist: Duck Sauce

Cover Artist: Cruzo67

Not the easiest song to recreate, but this dude does a pretty impressive job in doing so. Now go hit up GoBarbra.com and prank your friends for the rest of time.



Original Artist: Avicii

Cover Artist: Charis

Very difficult to distinguish oneself in the mass sea that is “Levels” covers. But this gets you right off the bat. Helps to be freakishly good, I guess.



Original Artist: Zedd

Cover Artist: Zedd

No one can do it quite like the original mastermind



Original Artist: David Guetta ft. Sia

Cover Artist: TheXPiano

Nothing flashy here. Just plays the song rather beautifully.

**One of the reasons I chose this was for the appearance of a < (Greater Than) as one of the top YouTube commenters. “Yea Michael Jordan, you’re a good basketball player, but I think you should use a little more knee bend in your shot.” Gotta love the Greater Thans.