Bro Who Ran The Entire Appalachian Trail In 46 Days Rocked Out To Phish And The Grateful Dead Along The Way

Earlier this week I told you about Karl Meltzer, a 48-year-old man who ran the entire 2200-mile Appalachian Trail in a record-shattering time. He crushed pizza, cheeseburgers, and beers after a hard day of trail running through the woods. So what did he listen to while running like an antelope, out of control?

Crunchy jams, bros. The crunchiest of jams.

In an interview with Trailer Runner Magazine, Meltzer said his playlist for the trek was loaded up with Phish and the Grateful Dead, which is fine music to keep you motivated for a record-breaking run. Have to listen to something other than your own two feet hitting the ground every day, 14+ hours a day. Otherwise you’ll have a blank space where your mind should be.

Meltzer, 48, of Sandy, Utah, had more than John Denver on his playlist. “There was a lot of Grateful Dead, but not the studio stuff – the stuff where they really get jamming for a long time,” he says. “I had some Strange Folk, a little Phish. I like that jam stuff.”

This guy is my new hero. Nothing like a long, weird Tweezer to keep you blazing on over mountain after mountain, mile after mile.

[H/T: Live 4 Live Music]

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