Are ‘EDM’ Fans Finally Getting Tired of ‘EDM’?

With the past four compilations being absolute smashes, it was only time before 05 stepped into that same spotlight. Is this massive appreciation for the compilation due to the changing times in dance music? Are commercial house fans getting tired of the mainstream music? It seems like it! The greatest aspect of the project is seen in the dichotomy of James and Jody’s mixing skills. James weaves together an impeccable mix of tunes from Beckwith, Alfred Taylor, Universal Solution and more. On the flip side, Jody mixes tunes from Leftwing & Kody, Lane 8, and Kahwe by placing his own unique musical touch to each of them. Possessing all the elements of the originals, Jody’s take on a few of the tracks showcases the label head’s sheer ability to trump the majority of existing producers.

Having the privilege of an early listen to Anjunadeep 05 is more than exceptional — it’s down right amazing. The way in which the label has been molded and changed by the ever-growing deep house sub genre has been a joy to watch as avid music fans. By breaking into some new areas, musically, and embracing more garage type sounds,Anjunadeep 05 is a comprehensive project that spans several sub genres while still containing an underlying & unifying theme. The 2 and 1/2 hour musical journey set on course by Jody Wisternoff and James Grant is worth a listen, hell — it’s worth about 5 listens! (see what I did right there?) And with any new compilation, we felt it only necessary to highlight our 5 favorite tracks from the entire project. Before we delve into our favorites, we just want you know how difficult it is to pick 5 stand out tracks from a pack of almost 30. This overwhelming feeling of great music is not lost on fans internationally.

One of the most versatile compilations I’ve heard in a while as well — Anjunadeep 05 can play soundtrack for your drive to the beach, and can even fuel your most high-energy party. The multi-faceted nature of the project allows all of their fans to come together within the Anjunadeep community and celebrate great music. Without further adieu, here are our top 5 favorite Jams from Anjunadeep 05:

  • 5. Beckwith feat. Catherine Porter – Back to Love
    • Personally, Beckwith had the most standout tracks on the entire compilation. The Brooklyn native showcases why he’s the deep house soldier as Catherine Porter’s ethereal vocals dance atop this ambient, yet heavy tune.
  • 4. Kahwe – Driving Me Wild (Jody Wisternoff’s Deep 05 Reshape)
    • The original was a fan favorite from newly discovered duo, Kahwe, but what Jody was able to do with a few mild changes showcase this garage house tune as a stand out hit, and one not to be missed.
  • 3. Dusky – Nobody Else
    • It’s impossible to compose a top 5 list and not include Dusky. The duo having two tracks on the compilation, really nailed it on the head with the bass line heavy, ‘Nobody Else’. The whirling vocals, creepy sounds, and deep kick allow this to be quite possibly the most hard hitting track. Eery stuff!
  • 2. Solarity – Symbols
    • One of the few tracks that possesses some trance elements similar to the parent label, Anjunabeats, Solarity’s ‘Symbols’ is both an ambient and transient musical journey that’s main facet is it’s ever growing build up. Melodic chords and a continuous guitar riff helped land this one on our top 5.
  • 1. Lane 8 – Be Mine (Jody Wisternoff’s Deep 05 Reshape)
    • The #1 tune had to come from San Francisco native, Lane 8. His original tune ‘Be Mine’ was one of the most heralded deep songs of 2013, and with Jody’s special little twist, the song became an instant anthem. Deep vocals, whirling synths, and an impeccable piano roll put Lane 8 at the top of his game with help from one of his label heads.

Out today, make sure to pick up your copy of Anjunadeep 05 (Mixed by James Grant & Jody Wisternoff) right HERE! You truly won’t want to miss out.