Adding A Hip-Hop Beat To Speed-Talking Auctioneers Just Became The Hottest Track Of 2017

by 1 year ago

Speed-talking auctioneers have a talent I could never possess. Even if I spent the next 6 months trying to get up to speed I’m doubtful I’d ever be able to spit hot fire like these good ole boys at the cattle auction, or the man on the race track speaking ten thousand words per minute.

I’m not sure if speed talking at auctions is a dying art or if I just live in a world where my path never crosses an auction. It’s probably the latter though because I can’t say that I’ve been to any type of auction at any point in my adult life. I have been to the race track more times than I’d like to admit, though, but that’s neither here nor there…Moving on: these dudes instantly become rappers the second you add a beat/track behind them.

This video actually hit YouTube back in July but it’s only just now making the rounds after appear on r/videos, and I felt compelled to share it with you bros because it’s now officially the hottest song of Winter 2017.

I’d like to note that Cowboy Haley Joel Osment looks eerily similar to the character Haley Joel played in the Entourage movie, and now I’m wondering if this man isn’t the inspiration for Haley’s entire character in the film…you be the judge.

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