The Funniest Drake and Miguel Memes

Drake, you're first. What you did was fairly inconsequential. You showed up wearing a Dada sweatsuit while filming your new video—and even though you chose not to wear the matching Spree's—you still looked pretty 1997-era ridiculous. Your pre-home run trot pose solidified that you were going to be a meme. Now, who's to say you never danced in a Soul Train line, performed in the “Thriller” music video, or acted in the 2006 T.I. movie ATL?

And Miguel. Last night, you caused millions of people to realize the Billboard Music Awards existed when you committed the music world's first-ever Stagedive Assault. I've watched the video 8,355 times today. It's incredible. And because your leg kick was so perfectly choreographed for Photoshop-adept masters, you also had no chance but to lose the Internet today. Who's to say you never were in the WWE or Mortal Kombat?

[H/T: Complex, The Root