‘Broad City’ Dropped So Many Dank Phish References In Last Night’s Episode

It is no secret that Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson is a pretty big Phish fan. While blazing on Getting Doug With High she talked about following Phish around for a hot second, along with on the WTF Podcast with Marc Maron a few weeks ago. She’s tweeted about gettin’ down in the central part of town, as well as blasted out Tumblr pics from the ladies room at Phish shows.

Earlier this month Jacobson chatted with the jam band rag Relix about her love for live music:

My older brother got me into the scene—from Dylan, Phish and Pink Floyd to every incarnation of the Dead. At my high school in the Philadelphia suburbs, there was a whole group of kids who were into this type of music. My dad was really into the Dead and classic rock, and he would always talk about the jocks, the greasers and all these different groups in the ‘60s and ‘70s. We were the jamband kids. When Phish went on hiatus, I ended up going to a lot of the other shows that took their place. It was a very social part of who I was hanging out with.

I was in high school during an unfortunate time in Phish history, when they took a hiatus from 2000-2002, during some of my best show years, but I went to their Madison Square Garden comeback after I graduated. It was a big deal when they came back, and I tried to go to a lot of their shows after that. I used to go to festivals, too, like Gathering of the Vibes—I was there the “rain year” in 2001 and the first time Phil Lesh played in 2002— and I was at the second Bonnaroo.

I weirdly stopped going to as much music when I moved to New York. I got into the comedy scene and that took over. I was so desperately trying to get into that world that I didn’t have the time or money to go to concerts. It was super weird and cool to go back to Bonnaroo [with Broad City] and drive around in a golf cart filming silly shit. Last time I was there [in 2003], The Dead, as they were calling themselves, was the big headlining show, and now it’s Kanye West.

You get the point: Abbi Jacobson is heady as fuck.

Last night she announced that the new episode of Broad City would include mad Phish references:


It didn’t disappoint. There were nods to Abbi selling mushroom chocolates on summer tour. And there was this marvelous “Run Like An Antelope” moment:


And this amazing “Cavern” drop:


And ultimate, yes, Rift really is the best Phish studio album.

It’s only inevitable: This summer they need to film an episode where Abbi takes a horrified Ilana to an *actual* Phish show, complete with a cameo from “the boys.”

The Philly shows are perfect for this, Abbi. Make it happen.

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