The Foo Fighters Took A Break From Touring To Play A Secret Concert At A Tiny County Fair: All Covers, All Badass

Playing under the name ‘Chevy Metal’, the Foo Fighters took a break from their current Sonic Highways World Tour, and showed up at the Conejo Valley Days carnival, a tiny county fair in California. ‘Chevy Metal’ is actually the name of drummer Taylor Hawkins’ cover band, but as even the most knowledgable music fans have no idea about that band’s existence, this was a hell of a shock for anyone in attendance at the fair.

The full band showed up last weekend, and proceeded to bust out covers from AC/DC, The Knack’s, Bryan Adams, and more. Above you can see Chevy Metal taking on ‘My Sharona’ and ‘Let There Be Rock’, below you can see them tackle Bryan Adams’ ‘Summer of 69’

From what I’ve gathered, the ‘Conejo Valley Days’ fair usually brings in just a few hundred people at a time, is fairly remote, and this stunt wouldn’t be at any risk of a mob gathering. I was trying to think about something like this taking place here in NYC, in Central Park or Prospect Park, and which currently active bands would gather a mob. Sure the ‘Rolling Stones’ could set up and word would spread, but I don’t really consider them ‘active’. Not too long ago Kanye had that concert in the Flatiron where Drake was treated like a plebeian, but there was no mob to incite a riot.

Given the population numbers I HAVE to believe that if the right band set up a stage at the right time, an all out rager would take place. I’m inclined to believe that the ‘Foo Fighters’ could pull that off if they did it at the right time of the week (Saturday afternoon in the Summer), Jay-Z could definitely bring in the numbers…and? Who am I missing here? Are there really no bands left that could put out the word on social media that they were about to play a secret show in NYC and a million fans would show up? Has music really become that polarizing?

Anyways, this performance by the Foo Fighters in secret was pretty badass. It’s nice to see that they still love playing music, and get their rocks off playing for a crowd of any size.