Chris Pratt Tries to Rap Like Eminem, Does Not Embarrass Himself

Chris Pratt doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would be good at rapping. That’s what makes his respectable cover of Forgot About Dre so damn impressive. Even I, Mouse Rat’s biggest groupie, was shocked by his skills.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star was on a radio show reliving a time in his life when he was living in a van in Hawaii, smoking lots of weed, and listening to Eminem and Dr. Dre on the ‘reg. The hosts has the audacity to challenge his credibility, which led to the rapping.

Considering the relative success of everything Pratt’s done over the past few years, perhaps doubting his ability to do anything is irresponsible. This guy turned into one of the biggest movie stars in the world like a magician.

Scott Hatteburg would be so proud.

[H/T: Uproxx]