Commence the Long Weekend Shenanigans with This Ravetastic Mix from ‘The Disco Fries’

There are no signs of slowing down for the powerhouse duo, who was recently selected as one of America's Top 100 DJs by Pioneer & DJ Times Magazine. In the midst of the madness, The 'Fries decided to step out of their musical comfort zone and surprise fans by throwing dirt on the pigeon hole with a “FCUK 128” DJ set. The 55 minute marathon of music never touches 128 beat per minute dance music, which the Fries are known for creating, but it creatively dances around tempos and genre's ranging from 150bpm hard style to drum n bass, and trap music.  In addition, the dj mix features tracks from Disclosure, Diplo, Krewella, Daft Punk, & the Psychic Type remix of the Disco Fries' own single “Open Your Eyes (Revelation)”, which was premiered at EDC Las Vegas by Tiesto. Standing on the edge of the underground while being played on commercial radio, the forward thinking duo pushes the boundaries of what is sonically accetable for mainstream audiences worldwide.